pretty petals – viking chrysanthemum

September 11, 2014

These locally grown cuties are from the chrysanthemum family and are called viking. Strange name for a flower huh? Our Niagara growers produce this bloom year round, but are most abundant in late summer and early fall. Viking is a useful bloom for the bride with a sunflower wedding – they are the perfect sunflower alternative for a boutonniere or corsage because they are dainty on the lapel or dress.

The beauty of the viking is that, like  all chrysanthemums, they have a vase life of two weeks or more.  Viking is a sturdy little flower with approximately 10-20 florets per stem. Whether you place them in a vase as one large stem, or break the little florets off (like we have done in the photos below), they are as cute as a button! At $3 a  stem, you get a lot of flowers for your money.

viking1 viking2 viking4viking3

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