pretty petals – thlapsia

July 17, 2014

Let us introduce you to thlapsia, commonly known as green bell or penny cress. It’s a newcomer to the the floral industry. We like to think of it as the new baby’s breath!  It is a delicate, filler flower that serves the dual purpose of both flower and greenery. It provides a flower arrangement with a soft, casual, garden look.  Thlapsia is found naturally in the temperate climates of Central and South Europe, South-West Asia and China. It grows as a perennial and is considered a semi-evergreen.

This plant is not only a pretty one, but is has been found to help clean up soils.  Thlapsia is a hyperaccumulator:  a plant capable of growing in soils with very high concentrations of metals,absorbing these metals through their roots ,concentrating extremely high levels of metals in their tissues (wikipedia).  Many initiatives have been taken in regions to cultivate thlapsia for its soil cleaning power.  Thlapsia isn’ toxic to handle, but I sure wouldn’t want to eat it!


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