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September 4, 2014

Succulents have been all the rage in bridal work for the last few years. We thought we would feature some of these lovelies on our blog today. They are a fun addition to a bridal bouquet, floral arrangement or boutonniere. We enjoy the way they look in our designs, but getting them in there is a unique challenge each and every time we use them. These little plants are difficult at times to work with – they can be heavy, fragile, stemless, and sometimes prickly. Once we figure out the mechanics of affixing them, we love the way they look!

We often get asked if a succulent is a type of cactus. The difference is actually quite easy to describe. The word succulent is a descriptive term for all the types of plants that store water in their leaves or stems. A cactus is in a large family of plants that are all succulents. There are other types of succulents besides cacti. So, a good rule to remember is that all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. Many people are mistaken in thinking that the spines (thorns) that grow on many of the plants are what differentiate a cactus from other succulents. This is simply not true. There are some cacti that are smooth and do not have spines. There are also some succulents that have prickly spines. The way to tell the difference between the spiny cacti and other types of prickly succulents is that cacti have areoles, or spine cushions. The spines of a cactus will grow only out of these spine cushions. A succulent with spines will have a more random looking growth of the prickly parts.

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