pretty petals – primrose

June 19, 2014

Primula vulgaris, commonlyknows as primrose, has about 24 different varieties.  Most are perennials, but there are some annual varieties too.  The type of potted primrose that we sell in the studio is an annual variety.  Each spring/ early summer, we look forward to bringing these little cuties into the shop because they give that burst of colour that we have all been craving.  Primrose are perfect plants for the patio – they will bloom all summer long.  They come is soft shades, like cream, white and soft pink, but they are also available in bright bold hues such as purple, magenta, and orange.  The quality that we enjoy the most about the primrose is their beautiful fragrance.  Reminiscent of the freesia, the primula, has a delicate, spicy scent.

If you are ready to try try these beauties outdoors, please be advised that they are like a pansy – they thrive in cooler temperatures, so make certain that they are kept away from a hot sunny spot.
pretty_petals_primrose01 pretty_petals_primrose02

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