pretty petals – baroness garden rose

April 3, 2014

We love baroness.  It’s a garden rose so that shouldn’t surprise you!  Baroness has the perfect spiral that garden roses have become famous for.  Once fully open, it is a very flat rose.  As far as longevity goes, this flower outlives many of its fellow garden roses with a vase life of up to one week.  Did you know that the more fragrant a flower is, the sooner it will perish? Well its true.  Baroness has little to no fragrance so its vase life is greater than most of its kind.

pink piano

Aside from the beautiful shape of this rose, the thing that we love the most about it, is it always fully opens.  It reveals its beautiful spiral and true size, because the petals always unfurl.  The infamous spiral is what makes the garden rose so sought after by rose enthusiasts – many varieties of garden roses don’t fully open, denying us their  inner beauty.

pink piano 2

Baroness roses, like most garden roses, are only available in 30 centimeter lengths and have thin, delicate stems.  They are the perfect rose for a simple bud vase, so next time you are in the mood for a treat, why not buy yourself a garden rose?

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