pretty petals – paphiopedilum orchids

October 23, 2014

We are pretty smitten in the studio this week.  We are featuring a type of orchid that we have never had the pleasure of having – paphiopedilum, or more commonly known as the lady slipper orchid.  This particular kind of paphiopedilum is an exotic hybrid originating from species found in Southeast Asia. the Indian Subcontinent, south China, and New Guinea.  In the floral and horticultural industry we usually refer to them as paphs.

This striking green and white paph is sleek and contemporary.  It would look stunning in an open, minimalistic setting. If you have always wanted to display something unique in your home than this is definitely the plant for you.  The flower will last several months, and requires very little care.  A nice bright area away from direct sun and a watering every week or two is all this plant needs!

pahio2paphio1 paphio3

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