pretty petals – liatris

August 14, 2014

Liatris is a prolific perennial that grows abundantly in our Southern Ontario climate.  Commonly known as gayfeather, the liatris comes in two different colours:  purple and white.  The white is definitely my favourite of the two colours, but it is rarely grown for the floral industry.  I have always wondered why that is.  Liatris is a great cut flower, boasting a vase life of at least two weeks.  It is a flower that looks incredible en masse, as well as a fabulous flower for sculpting contemporary designs because it is so rigid.  We use this flower often throughout our floral training classes because it is a flower that can be handled and mishandled and shows very few signs of abuse.

Best of all, liatris attracts insects!  On any given day, when our liatris are in full bloom, they are surrounded by butterflies and bees.  This week we spotted a rare Monach and a lively group of bumble bees enjoying their nectar.


liatris2 liatris1

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