pretty petals – lavender

May 1, 2014

Lavender! Lavender! Lavender! We have it in the studio right now  – you can smell it the moment you walk through the door!  We are so in love with this plant right now.  We buy the plants to sell to our clients, but we also cut them up and use the pieces in fresh arrangements.  The beautiful dusty blue foliage of the lavender plant is so on trend right now, and the dainty flowers are divine. Lavender is equally as wonderful as a dried flower too.

Lavender has a myriad of uses.  It is most famous for its sweet fragrance and is commonly used in bath and beauty products.  Medicinally, lavender is useful as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, treatment for burns, and treatment for insomnia, and anxiety.  In the kitchen, lavender flowers can be candied as an edible garnish, can be infused in baked goods, and can be combined with black, green or herbal teas.  Some exciting lavender products that can be found in specialty grocery stores include, lavender syrup, lavender honey, and lavender sugar.

We are very fortunate to have lavender farms right here in Ontario.  Here are few farms worth checking out this summer!

Steed and Company Lavender

Prince Edward County Lavender

Great Lakes Lavender

Serenity Lavender

Weirs Lane Lavender

Laveanne Lavender of Ontario

Lavender Sense

lavender1  pretty_petals_lavendar01 lavender3

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