pretty petals – hyacinth

March 20, 2014

If you are looking for a flower that will make an entire room smell sweet than this is the bloom for you! It has become a favourite of ours in the studio without a doubt. We make this flower available in two forms:  potted in soil, or cut for a vase.  The hyacinth is a bulb flower and blooms in the spring at the same time as a tulip. It is famous for its deep, jewel-tone colours of deep eggplant, magenta and fuschia, but at the same is loved for its delicate pastel shades as well. 


We enjoy using the tiny florets of the hyacinth for boutonnieres, corsages, and floral crowns. They hold up well without a water source for a day’s events. Making a small posie is a fun way to use the hyacinth flower in its entirety, but we must warn you that they have short, fleshy stems that can pose design troubles for the beginner. They crush very easily, so use a light touch when handling them.


Potted hyacinths are best purchased when they are immature – just a small green bud right at soil level.  It’s fun to watch the journey of the hyacinth as it starts to grow and develop colour. Eventually, a large flower will appear, offering scent to an entire room. Beware: sometimes a hyacinth can grow so large that the bloom requires some support!

pretty_petals_hyacinth01 pretty petals hyacinth

If you have animals that like to snoop around your flowers, we must caution you that the bulb of a hyacinth is toxic, and the leaves and flowers can cause skin irritation.

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