pretty petals – gypsophila

May 29, 2014

Gypsophila is most commonly known as baby’s breath.  And believe it or not it comes from the carnation family.  This poor little flower gets a bad rap.  People have come to hate baby’s breath because of the “old fashioned” stigma attached to it.  Yes, if you go to a grocery store flower shop, you will most certainly see a few pieces of this delicate flower unfairly stuffed in a bouquet of red roses. Or even worse, a corsage or boutonniere with accents of baby’s breath.  This poor little flower deserves a comeback!  It is completely beautiful when used properly.  Properly, in our professional opinion, means that it is featured “en masse”.  No dotting clumps of this little white blossom throughout a piece, but rather a design entirely of baby’s breath.  It is stunning! And wow, what a delicate fragrance when it is presented like this.

pretty_petals_babysbreath02 Pretty Petals - Baby's Breath Pretty Petals - Baby's Breath

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That is amazing! Now can you do something to make carnations more attractive to me? I got one for Mother’s Day from my niece and it still looks great. Not only is it 3 weeks old, she got it on the morning and it was out of water for hours before she gave it to me. I just snipped a good bit off the bottom and put it in water and it didn’t seem ton mind. That is amazing shelf life, but I still look at them as funeral flowers or cheap flowers, not the most beautiful.


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