pretty petals – forget me nots

June 12, 2014

We are smitten with this tiny flower right now. Forget-me-nots have a fun way of popping up randomly in the garden. To many people, this adorable blue flower is invasive; but to us,they are a florist’s delight. With the popularity for blue flowers on the rise, forget-me-nots are a wonderful addition to June weddings. They add to the loose, natural feel that is so on trend right now. When cut and enjoyed in a vase, forget-me-nots last and last.

Did you know that the forget-me-not is the official flower for the Alzheimer’s Society? Every May they run a forget-me-not seed campaign to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. We look forward to purchasing the seed packages each year – it’s for a great cause and the end results bring us such joy each and every summer.


pretty_petals_forgetmenot01 forget me not pretty_petals_forgetmenot02

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