pretty petals – cymbidium orchids

November 14, 2013

10 Reasons why we love the cymbidium orchid:

Pretty Petals - Cymdibium Orchids Pretty Petals - Cymdibium Orchids

1. Cymbidiums are timeless. They are your grandmother’s flower, your mother’s flower, and your flower. The cymbidium has been used in wedding flowers and corsages for many years. No matter the decade, you will never regret your decision to choose this magnificent blossom.

2. Cymbidiums represent a rare and delicate beauty. When you give a cymbidium to a loved one, the message you convey is love and thoughtfulness.

Pretty Petals - Cymdibium Orchids

3. Cymbidiums, along with many other orchids are considered a feng shui plant: they are believed to bring prosperity and good luck to the owner.

4. Cymbidiums are available in incredible colours. Our favourite shades are the earth tones, which are difficult shades to come by in the floral industry. Dark brown, mocha, cinnamon, and beige are tops in our books!

Pretty Petals - Cymdibium Orchids Pretty Petals - Cymdibium Orchids

5. Cymbidiums can have blossoms are big as a saucer or as tiny as our $2 coin.  Depending on your project, these blooms are available in whatever size you need!

6. Cymbidiums stems can be used as a whole, or cut up and used bloom by bloom. They are highly versatile and can take on the role of a line flower or a mass flower.

Pretty Petals - Cymdibium Orchids

7. Cymbidiums last for weeks!! They may be more expensive than a rose, but they outlive them by 3 times or more.

8. Cymbidiums can be grown as a houseplant. They have long narrow leaves a plenty, commanding presence in a room. Usually available in an 8-10” pot, this orchid is large enough to display as a floor plant.

Pretty Petals - Cymdibium Orchids Pretty Petals - Cymdibium Orchids

9. The freshness of a cymbidium orchid is easily detected. If the base of the blooms and stems are sticky with sap, then they are fresh. If the throat of the orchid is starting to turn pink/red/burgundy, then it is near the end of its vase life.

10. Cymbidiums are an incredible flower to work with if you cannot provide a water source. A cymbid can remain for days without shrivelling up and discolouring. Whether you are wiring the blossoms to tree branches, displaying them on a cake, or gluing them to a napkin ring, they will remain lovely for days.

Need we say more? These beauties are a florist’s dream. Treat yourself to a stem or treat yourself to a blossom – everyone deserves to be surrounded by beauty!

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