pretty petals – coral charm peonies

May 8, 2014

Because the season for peonies is such a short one, this flower is a coveted one.  And although we are partial to all peonies, we have a particular love for paeonia coral charm. This peony is one of the earlier bloomers and is a stunning shade of deep coral in its bud formation, opening into a coral peach.  Because coral charm is a semi double, it proudly shows off its bright yellow stamen when the flower is fully open.

If you want to grow this particular variety of peony in your garden, be certain to search for it early in the season because garden centers and specialty online stores sell out of it very quickly.  It has been highly sought ever since it won  the 1986 Gold Medal of the American Peony Society.  Peonies are a great perennial choice for Southern Ontario, because they are extremely hardy.  Once established, a plant can survive for generations.  They are also pest resistant because they have an unappealing taste to insects, rodents, rabbits and deer.

pretty_petals_coral_charm10 pretty_petals_coral_charm06 pretty_petals_coral_charm05

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