pretty petals – cloni ranunculus

November 21, 2013

This week was an exciting one for us at the flower market in Toronto! We wandered in to the “new arrivals” section at FlueraMetz only to discover something completely magical – cloni ranunculus or pon pon ranunculus. We have never seen anything quite like them. Reminiscent of the marigold, these little beauties have an enormous quantity of ruffled petals and are available in beautiful variegated shades of green, orange, yellow, soft pink, dusty rose, and peachy taupe.

20131121-114843.jpg 20131121-114746.jpg 20131121-114720.jpg 20131121-114733.jpg

This ranunculus hybrid is a sturdy one with strong, straight stems, large blooms and perky greenery. Ranunculus are normally a secondary flower in the art of floral design, but the size of the cloni is substantial enough to be featured as a focal bloom. Happily, the price tag attached to the pon pon ranunculus is one of affordability with a selling point of approximately $5-$6 – slightly higher in price to a rose.

20131121-114813.jpg 20131121-114830.jpg

20131121-114803.jpgHolland is currently the only grower of this ranunculus hybrid. As it becomes more popular to the masses, and more greenhouse space is dedicated to their growth, the cost will likely come down. It is exciting to be able to work with something new. We are more than happy to work with this price in order to provide our customers with something fresh and new!

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