pretty petals – cappuccino ranunculus

May 15, 2014

Any ranunculus is a good ranunculus!  We have featured many varieties of this flower over the years on our blog, but have never shown off the cappuccino kind.  Isn’t it pretty? This delicate tissue-like flower has the same dainty qualities as all its brothers and sisters – but its variegated colour palette is what sets it apart.  With creamy white petals and shades of fuchsia and purples, this flower is a stunner!  One of our favourite things about working with cappuccino ranunculus is the variations in colours within a 10 stem bunch.  Every bunch has a unique combination of hues – it is a rare occassion that all the stems are the same.  Enjoy some photos of a few blooms that we have worked with this week in the studio.

pretty_petals_cappicino_ranunulus01 pretty_petals_cappicino_ranunulus02 pretty_petals_cappicino_ranunulus03 pretty_petals_cappicino_ranunulus04

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