pretty petals – blushing bride protea

September 5, 2013

Welcome to week eighteen of our column entitled Pretty Petals. Each week we will introduce you to a flower that we are working with here in the studio as well as flowers that we absolutely adore. Please join us every Thursday for some floral eye-candy where you will learn about a variety of very special blooms. This week we had the pleasure of helping to stylize a photo shoot with our florals – blushing bride protea was one of the flowers we featured.

The name blushing bride protea says it all: this is an elegant flower, ideal for bridal flowers. The delicate colour and interesting texture of this protea lends itself perfectly to the soft shades that are popular right now for both bridal and everyday floral design.

The name Protea comes from the mythical Greek God Proteus, who could change his form at will. This is a highly appropriate name for this type of flower, as it is available in a myriad of sizes, shapes, colours, and textures. Proteas are one of the oldest flowers known to us, and are native to Australia, South Africa and South America. Similarities and differences in the Proteaceae Family have led to the belief that the African continent split away before South America and Australia were divided.

20130829-012130.jpg 20130829-012142.jpg

All proteas grow from a woody stem, and sport thick, long leaves that have a tendency to turn a blackish-brown colour early on in the flower’s life. Florists often remove many of the leaves on a protea to prevent cleints from feeling that they have purchased a bloom of inferior quality. These magnificent flowers range in size from 20cm in diameter like the king protea to just a few centimeters like the thistle sugarbush protea. King protea can cost up to $50. Blushing bride comes in at a more reasonable price at approximately $7. Proteas have an incredibly long vase life, and can be enjoyed as a dry flower equally as much.

20130829-012154.jpg 20130829-012208.jpg

If you are in search of a unique flower for an upcoming event, the blushing bride protea is a great choice with its spikey exterior petals and its soft fuzzy center. Be certain that you commit the name of this wonderful flower to memory because we guarantee that you will be faced with inquiries by your guests!

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