pretty petals – blueberry rose

October 9, 2014

The only thing that would make this rose called blueberry any better were if it smelled like blueberries!  This rose is divine.  It has beautiful frilly petals and lots of them.  It has a vase life of up to 10 days – until blueberry came along, this was unheard of for purple roses.  Blueberry is a new rose to the flower market and is grown in the warm climates of South America.  We were very relieved to discover this rose because with purple being so trendy, many times our bridal work is in need a deep reddish-purple shade and up until now our choices have fallen short. Currently, garden roses are a hot item for bridal flowers but not every bride-to-be can afford the luxury of a $10-$15 garden rose; blueberry has the flat, ruffly look of a garden rose with a more modest price tag!  You can purchase blueberry roses for a standard rose price of $4-$6 a stem. These roses are so special.

blueberry1 blueberry2 blueberry3



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