pretty petals – autumn joy sedum

September 25, 2014

This beauty is in full flower everywhere in Southern Ontario right now!  Sedum “autumn joy” is one of the most prolific of all the fall bloomers.  There are so many things about sedum that makes it a great flower to have in the garden.  Firstly, it is very adaptable to most climate (it can be found on every continent except Australia and Antarctica).  And although it prefers full sun, it will still preform in shaded areas too.  Secondly, because sedum is a succulent, it is drought resistant – with the inconsistent summer and fall weather in our area, sedum is a guaranteed success, rain or shine. And thirdly, it has an incredible vase life.  Sedum can last for weeks once it has been cut and put in a vase. This super flower is even adorable when it is cut mid-summer when the buds forming are still green.

sedum1a sedum1b sedum1c sedum1d

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