poppies – serious flower addiction

March 6, 2013

I have always been enamoured by poppies, but never called them a favourite unless I was looking at them. Lately they have been showing up at the local flower wholesalers and I’m officially addicted. I love peeling off the sepals to reveal the flower, you just never know what colour will be hiding under all the green.

I now buy them weekly, some end up in floral pieces that go out the door, some just hang out in the studio with me, making me smile and love them more.

I was recently reminded but one of my aunts that poppies were my Nana’s favourite flower, I had forgotten about her amazing poppy patch at her old stone house, I’m so happy to have that memory back and to share her love of them.

Don’t be surprised if you hear me say I love another flower, I’m just that kind of florist, but poppies are the bomb and at the top of a very long love list.


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