Painted Concrete Floors

December 8, 2011

We are in the middle of dealing with a leaky basement in our new to us home. The leak started last Tuesday after a seriously heavy day of rain in our cold cellar. The problem with this leak is the cold cellar is right off our finish office and media room so the leak quickly moved into that area and destroyed the carpet and underlay. Luckily the furniture and office equipment were not harmed.

Now while we wait to get the leak fixed we are in the process of deciding on the new flooring for this room. Right now we are thinking of painting the concrete floors, then adding large cozy area rugs. This would offer us a stylish look plus hold up to any future leaks. I love stencilling on concrete floors as well!

Here are a few images I found searching the internet for painted concrete floor inspiration.

(image ~ new york social dairy)

(top image ~ via design*sponge by my marrakesh, bottom image ~ via bleue piece)

(top image ~ home-dzine, bottom image: marie claire maison)

(image ~ paint me white)

Besides painting the concrete we thought about polishing it. I really love the look of polished concrete floors but we quickly ruled that option out as we want to keep the space bright and cheerful since it is in the basement.

What are your thoughts on painted concrete? Would you paint a concrete floor?

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