moment to savour – a butterfly conservatory wedding

April 18, 2014

As each week draws to a close its good for the soul to recapture some of the wonderful moments that lead you to the week’s end. It is essential not to take the little things for granted – celebrate their awesomeness through a weekly ritual of reflection. Welcome to “A Moment to Savour”.

Doing a wedding installation is the finishing touch for a florist.  She gets to see all her creations come to life.  Last weekend we set up an intimate wedding at the local Butterfly Conservatory.  It was adorable!  We got to work among some very active, inquisitive critters in the lush greenhouse during our time there.  Enjoy some photos from our afternoon! Oh and meet Lauren and Jada, our helpers for the day.


butterfly conserv 1 butterfly conserv 2 butterfly conserv 3 photo bomber

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