At Living Fresh, we believe every day
can be celebrated with flowers.

Our passion for design was captured long before we opened our doors in 2007, pulling inspiration from our combined interior design and homegrown gardening backgrounds.

It’s with this unique aesthetic and experience that we’re able to craft arrangements and flower installations that truly capture the essence of how florals make our clients feel: warm, happy, cared for, loved and delighted! Each bloom and plant is carefully selected to match your style – you could say that we know our botanicals like you know your favourite coffee roast.

Let's meet Living Fresh!

Tina Riddell

Creative Director/Floral Designer/Stylist

From a very young age, Tina could be found frolicking with nature. This nurturing quality quickly developed into a strong passion for flowers and plants. In her youth, she spent many hours, side by side with her mom, playing in the family garden. Tina proudly shares that her mom’s influence is responsible for her professional success.

Before Living Fresh, her love of beauty and nature led her down two interesting roads: managing garden centres and greenhouses; studying floral and interior design. Living Fresh began as an opportunity for Tina to nurture her previous experiences and build up her design skills and aesthetics. Tina believes that the learning process is ongoing; she is constantly immersing herself in projects and events that challenge her skills and bring new inspiration. She believes that building lasting relationships with clients, students and fellow designers is essential in the dynamic industry of floral design.

Tina is a flower sage: show her a flower and she will tell you all about it. According to her staff, her love of flowers goes well beyond that of the average person. Tina will giggle like a kid in a candy store when a blossom catches her fancy.

Dream Vacation: Iceland
Favourite Flower: Poppy
Preferred Colour Scheme: Peach and burgundy with varying shades of pink

Katrina Salmon

Floral Designer

Katrina is a serious long-time plant lover. When she’s not in the studio, you can find her caring for her garden, reviving her friends’ house plants, or lusting over her own latest leafy addition. She’s also a tireless knitter, aspiring natural dyer, and 80s music enthusiast.

With a ten year floral and horticultural background, her knowledge of flowers spans from sprouting seed to blooming bouquet. Passionate about rich colour, texture, and design, her pieces strike a balance between meticulously planned and perfectly tousled. Katrina joined the Living Fresh design team in 2015.

Dream Vacation: Tulip festival in Holland
Favourite Flower: Nigella
Preferred Colour Scheme: Burnt Fall tones

Kailey Davy

Floral Designer

Kailey’s love for all things floral began with her maternal Grandmother teaching her how to press flowers. She passed on the art of foraging, pressing, and arranging pressed flowers for cards and framed work. This smaller scale floral designing sparked an interest and inspired her to pursue floristry.

In her free time you can find her in the studio creating functional pottery. Her love of creating extends to reading about Scandinavian and Japanese design principles. Without doubt, she is also a major lover of food and wine. Kailey has explored her way through many parts of Europe. From walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, sailing through Norwegian fjords, hiking the highlands of Scotland, and eating her way through Italy… she is always planning her next trip.

Dream Vacation: Trekking Patagonia 
Favourite Flower: Hellebores
Preferred Colour Scheme: Anything moody and muted

Harold Sharpe

Plant Guy

Harold’s career as a collector began when he was fifteen years old. His love for vintage and antique items started with Coca-Cola signs. To this day he is an avid collector of these signs as well as gas station memorabilia. A major aspect of his collecting involves road trips to different cities across Ontario and the US to pick up items. He often visits antique markets and wouldn’t you know it, Aberfoyle Antique Market is where Harold and Tina met.

Flash-forward to now, Tina has converted him to a full-blown plant-lover. Harold especially loves succulents and cactus. With his background in landscaping, he is a natural. He has taken a liking to propagating and reviving sad plants.

Another noteworthy part of Harold’s life is his interest in tattoos. They mark big moments, events, and challenges in his life. By the end of 2018 he plans to finish his sleeve. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if a plant or flower was included in the next round of ink.

Dream Vacation: Bali 
Favourite Flower: Loves flowers but prefers plants
Preferred Colour Scheme: Anything without purple


Kind Words

Thank you so much for making our wedding so beautiful. The flower arrangements were extraordinary! The bridal bouquet was everything I had hoped for, thank you. The corsages and boutonnières made everyone look so festive. The entire process of working with you was just such a treat. Thank you, Tina!

Kate + Matthew

Tina did an AMAZING job on our wedding flowers. She paid attention to the details, came up with a beautiful mix of flowers that was exactly what we were looking for. Her service was amazing! Highly recommend Living Fresh for wedding flowers!


Tina’s passion for her work is evident in the final product and she’s always been fun to work with, with lots of great design advice. The flowers for our wedding were a perfect match to our personalities and a huge hit with guests, some of whom took them home as a souvenir. Her suggestions added the right touch of quirkiness to the elegance of the arrangements.


Living Fresh did an excellent job on our wedding. I couldn't have imagined more beautiful arrangements. I cried happy tears when I saw my bouquet and so many of our guests mentioned how beautiful the flowers were. I would recommend Living Fresh to anyone!

Miriam + Gary Schotman