massuet niagara lavender

March 27, 2012
(images: Neob Lavender)

Not that I want to rush spring, because I do not. I love spring, it is my favourite season. But I cannot wait for this new lavender to start blooming in my garden! Actually I cannot wait to first plant it in the garden then wait for the blooms.

This purple pretty is the new ‘Massuet Niagara’ Lavender, cultivated and grown by Neob Lavender in Niagara-on-the-Lake. After field testing the new cultivator on 22 acres, Neob Lavender officially released the new plant at the 2012 Canada Blooms show and sale. One of the perks of making it to the show this year!

Be sure to check out their super sweet burlap packaging below!

Neob Lavender has 22 acres of lavender growing in the Niagara area. I think a trip to Niagara this summer is in order; I need to see those fields of lavender. I always associate fields of lavender with images of France not Ontario. Perhaps we can make it for their “Taste of Niagara Lavender Festival” on July 14th 2012.

Being the lavender loving that I am, I’m super excited about my purchase of ‘Massuet Niagara’ Lavender! I cannot wait to see it perform in the garden but before that can happen we need the weather to even out a bit so tender plants can be safely planted outdoors. I’ll report back in the summer once this beauty is blooming! Can’t wait!

Do you get excited about new plants? I sure do!

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