Living Fresh Spotlight – Kokedama

March 1, 2014

The month of March is Kokedama month at the Living Fresh Flower Studio and School.  What the heck are Kokedama?? Kokedama is a new word to many gardening enthusiasts on this side of the world.  Kokedama is Japanese in origin and when translated to English it means “moss ball”. It is a very literal translation because the art of Kokedama is the intricate transplanting of a root system from its original container to a ball of moss. We are sporting an impressive display of Kokedama in the studio this month in their honour.

Kokedama, or Japanese string gardens, as they are becoming known as in North America are very versatile vertical displays because they can house any type of plant.  If you are a rookie plant owner, tropical plants such as pothos or sansevieria require very little care and would make a perfect beginner kokedama.  If you have a particularly green thumb, then perhaps you are up for more of a challenge:  bonsai or cattleya orchids would make a stunning hanging garden.

If you are more of a hands on kind of person who likes to get their hands dirty, then perhaps we can tempt you with one of our Kokedama Workshops.  Join us at the Living Fresh Flower School on Sunday, March 23rd, or Thursday, April 3rd, and make a collection of kokedama for your very own!  Click here for more details.

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