Living Fresh Flower School – Organic Wintertime Outdoor Urn Flower Class

November 14, 2011

The Living Fresh Flower School held Organic Wintertime Outdoor Urn flower class yesterday, November 13, 2011 and it was a sold out event. We had 17 students join us for an afternoon of wintertime outdoor decorating, each student made a gorgeous arrangement with fresh greens, natural accents and pods to take home with them.

My teaching partner, Deb Jasinski and I were so pleased with all the students, they were all wonderful to work with and each one created a fabulous floral masterpiece.

Our classroom for all the flower classes is in the Button Factory in Uptown Waterloo.

 A view of the classroom before the students arrived.

The class was so large that we had to create a separate area for the students to gather to watch our demonstration for the class. For every class we like to have a craft that the students have make to use in their pieces, for this class Deb showed the students how to make their own moss balls. The moss balls can be seen in some of the student’s arrangements below.

Our demonstration table.
Tina showing the students how to make work with fresh greens.

For this class we used several different elements to create the outdoor arrangements:

Fresh Greens List

  • White Pine
  • B.C. Cedar
  • Carolina Sapphire
  • Oregonia – Variegated
  • Magnolia Tips

Accent List

  • Minolta Balls – Dyed Red
  • Button Balls on wire
  • Okra Pods – Natural
  • Lotus Pods – Natural
  • Lily Flower – Dyed Lime Green
  • Fresh Pomegranates
  • Red Dogwood Stems

For the moss ball craft we used the following materials:

  • Spanish Moss – Light Green
  • Styrofoam Balls – Medium
  • Skewers
The students working away on their outdoor urn arrangements.
Deb helping the students out with their creations.
The students with their Organic Wintertime Outdoor Urn arrangement.
Some of the arrangements made in Sunday's class.

Thank you to all the students to who joined us for the Organic Wintertime Outdoor Urn flower class! You all should be very proud of yourselves!

For more images from the class please check out the Living Fresh Flower School’s Facebook page.

Our next flower class is Holiday Ice and Snow on Sunday, November 27 from 1 to 4pm at the Button Factory.  In this class we will be designing sparkling centrepieces in stemmed glassware. We hope you can join us!