Joy Thigpen’s Whistler Workshop

February 24, 2015

Back in the fall of 2014 I had the pleasure of attending Joy Thigpen‘s Creative Direction and Styling workshop in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. If you are a wedding professional, stylist or photographer who cares about aesthetics and creating authentic weddings and photo shoots you need to invest in Joy. Joy makes magic happen and is so in tune with the beauty that surrounds her, she loves light and her understanding of it is captivating.

The workshop was held at intimate and luxurious Nita Lake Lodge, a gorgeous location selected by wedding planner and designer, Ashley Bond of Spread Love Events, who helped organize and run the workshop. The lovely and very talented girls behind Gucio Photography beautifully captured the workshop.

Some of the highlights from the Creative Direction and Styling workshop and trip to beautiful British Columbia:

  • Listening and learning with an open heart all I could from Joy Thigpen
  • Playing with flowers grown on Vancouver Island by Clare Day Flowers at Red Damsel Farm
  • Taking in the view and fresh Mountain air while standing on the dock at Nita Lake Lodge
  • Eating, talking business and designing outdoors in the Mountains with some of the best floral designers in Canada
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 All Images – Gucio Photography


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