in the studio – fiddle leaf figs (ficus lyrata)

October 16, 2012

I love plants; it is the old horticulturalist in me. I did that before becoming a florist you know. So let’s take about Fiddle Leaf Figs, ficus lyrata, for a moment.

First off they are everywhere in home decor lately and I like that. I really think most homes need plants and this is a great option. A large scaled houseplant with beautiful structure and large sculpted leaves, that is fairly easy to grow if the right conditions are met.

Here are a few example of the Fiddle Leaf Fig in home decor:

(left image: The Marion House Book/ right image: Elle Decor via Apartment Therapy)
(left image: Vogue via The Marion House Book / right image: Design*Sponge)
(top image:  Thomas Britt and Peter Napolitano via House of Turquoise /
bottom image: Jessica Helgerson via Design*Sponge)

Remember earlier I mentioned right conditions? These beauties need light and lots of it. If your home is dark forget it. First off they cost too much to put in the wrong lighting, secondly why would you? They are too pretty to kill. Also, they need to dry out in between waterings, so it is best to check the moisture in the soil before watering them. Other than that they are easy to care for.

We are excited to have some for sale in the Living Fresh studio! Their bright green foliage was just what our space needed. Although we would love for them to stay with us in the studio indefinitely we do need to find a good home for them! So if you know of one let us know!

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I’ve looked everywhere for a fiddle leaf fig. I just found one at Home Depot but its under two feet. Wish you were located here. ????


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