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March 23, 2012

I’m in shock of what is blooming and sprouting in our little garden already, it is only March! Clematis should not be sprouting; the Hellebore is still in bloom! I’m not complaining I’m just surprised!

Have a look:

Are you enjoying this early spring? I sure am. I could not be happier now that I can play in the garden with the flowers!

So tell me, what is blooming in your garden?




I’ve had lots of fun discovering what’s in the garden at our new place these past few weeks. The crocus have already come and gone, and hyacinth, tulips and daffodils are blooming. The peonies are also sprouting! So amazing!

Raquel Dos Santos

Hi Tina! Flowers have been coming out since the tail end of February in the UK. We’re in full ‘daffodil season’, with daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses have been sprouting up everywhere! They literally grow wild. It’s lovely! Daffodils, anemones, and hyacinths are also super cheap at the market; £1- £2/bunch. I will have to pick up those cool, blue thistles I’ve seen in your photos. I saw some in the flower vendor’s stall this week.

I love your blog, and photos! Awesome flowers!


Raquel Dos Santos

p.s. In case you don’t recognise me by name, you have me on Facebook under ‘Raquel’. Cheers!


Some early there, such as the peony.

I really do live this time of year, everything fresh and new greens, plus the bright colours start to reappear.


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