IDS11 – Sibling Revelry: Part 3

January 31, 2011

Twin woodworkers’ – Jason and Lars Dressler – collaboration was the third installment of the Sibling Revelry exhibit for IDS11.  Their love for wood was visibly apparent in their room creation.  The pair own and operate Brothers Dressler, a one of a kind, batch production furniture company.

The bothers produce furniture, lighting and other curiosities from found objects, responsibly harvested woods and trash can finds, up-cycling at its best! Their raw designs are very material based and they do not like waste.

Their open and natural room perfectly reflected their love for raw woods and the gentle footprint they are leaving on this planet.

Personally, I really enjoyed the natural and organic space.  The brothers’ attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship was very impressive to my furniture loving heart.  We were very excited about the orange modular sofa.

Up next!  Sarah and Theo Richardson’s colourful and playful barn in part 4 of the series on Sibling Revelry!