Getting in the Mood for Homework

February 8, 2010

Well I’m back to doing homework, apparently I did not get enough during my past 4 years of school, but this is different, this is fun and inspiring, without the stress of deadlines and marks.  What is it you ask that I’m currently studying?  Well, I’m learning about blogging and taking Holly Becker’s Blogging Your Way ecourse, she is the lovely lady behind Decor8.  The course is taught by Holy and Leslie Sherwing of A Creative Mint, they are such talented and creative gals!

So the homework for this week was to create a mood/ inspiration board.  So here is mine:

I’m always inspired by colour and today turquoise and orange were calling for my attention.

I’m also very drawn to furniture styles and designs so I have to include a few pieces that I’m loving right now.

I also have a thing for yarns, fabrics and patterns, as well as flowers and photography, so I tried to incorporate all of my favourite things into this board.

I enjoyed this assignment so much I think I will be doing more of these in the future!  If you blog or want to become a blogger I highly recommend this course!

– Tina xo