fresh and renewed – flowers in emerald perrier bottles

May 21, 2013

I normally do not get too excited about the Pantone ‘Colour of the Year’ but this year’s colour is one I totally dig! Emerald, the 2013 ‘Colour of the Year’, it is like a breath of fresh air and packed with energy.

So naturally I had to find ways to incorporate it into my floral designs. As florists we have access to lots of fresh foliage that is emerald green in colour but there are zero flowers in this shade. Lots and lots of lime green but that is so 2005. This is 2013 and the shade of green is on the move to the cool side way from warm yellows.

Upon the ‘Colour of the Year’ announcement I began searching for emerald vases to use for floral designing with this “hot” new colour. I found some pretty emerald vintage vases from the 80’s at a few local thrift shops, which were perfect for a bridal show we did back in January. But there were slim pickings out there for emerald in the vase world; until I actually noticed of the shade of the Perrier bottle I was sipping water from; emerald green!

The Vase – Perrier Bottles

Fresh and Renewed - Flowers in Emerald Perrier Bottles Fresh and Renewed - Flowers in Emerald Perrier Bottles

The Flowers

  • Pink Tulips
  • Yellow Tulips
  • White Waxflower
  • Bupleurum
  • Grevillea
Fresh and Renewed - Flowers in Emerald Perrier Bottles

The Floral DesignFresh and Renewed - Flowers in Perrier Bottles

I have been drinking Perrier and collecting the bottles for months, and now I have a decent collection of emerald vases that I use for events! They make the best bud vases for bistro tables and my collection now makes a regular appearance at Sunday’s High Tea at the Walper Hotel. Which is where the above pieces ended up.

I have a few brides collecting Perrier bottle to use in groupings on the tables for their wedding reception this summer. Looking forward to filling the bottle they collect with pretty flowers!

What do you think? Something you would collect and use?

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Your flowers look beautiful, as always! The bottles look too much like empty bottles to me though to enjoy them as vases. Perhaps putting a simple ribbon around the rim, or some raffia? Perhaps that is 2005 too, and these go with the mason jar trend 🙂


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