Floral Art for the Body

April 10, 2014

Floral design  can go way beyond the vase.  Showcasing a flower with the human body as the vessel is a pure form of art.  It takes experience and a flexible mindset to create wearable floral art .  Last month we orchestrated a photo shoot  to showcase some unique pieces that we sculpted – we approached this project with open minds, allowing our creativity to take us wherever it wanted to go.

The success of our day could not have been achieved without the generous help of many individuals.  A huge thank you to our beautiful model Kassandra – you are beautiful both inside and out.  Many thanks to Gloss, an independent fashion boutique and hair salon located in downtown Kitchener,  for outfitting our model so beautifully.  And finally to the  Walper Hotel – our photo shoot was held in the Crystal Ballroom of this 1893 Boutique Hotel.  With the collaboration of these professionals, our end results are most certainly blog worthy – please enjoy some photos from our day.


_MG_3647 _MG_3695 _MG_3709 _MG_3764 _MG_3808 _MG_3843 _MG_3879 _MG_3899  _MG_3929 _MG_3931 _MG_3912