ebony roses – black stem dyed roses

January 23, 2012

We can all picture a black rose but have you seen one? I had not seen one until last week at Staalduinen Floral booth at the Canadian Florist Business Forum which was presented by Canadian Florist Magazine and Westbrook Floral Ltd.

Staalduinen Floral, a flower wholesaler, had a fabulous arrangement in their booth showcasing the black roses. They call the rose Ebony and it really is, it is gorgeous but in order to achieve all the gorgeousness the grower stem dyes red roses with blue dye.

I’m not normally a fan of dyed flowers but I fell for the richness of the Ebony rose. I cannot wait for the chance to use it in a wedding in the near future, it would be stunning in a bridal bouquet! A black and white wedding with black flowers! Ooo.

I attended the business forum with my floral friend Deb of Purplefreesia Designs, and we were both lucky girls as Staalduinen Floral gave each of us two of the Ebony roses take home and try out! A big thanks to them for sharing the black rose love!

I decided it would be fun to mix the black roses with purple flowers and green foliage. So I picked up some purple commercial and button mums, and salal, clipped a few branches off my variegated Ficus benjamina plant, grabbed a few different elements to embellish and went to work on a masterpiece with the black roses.

So what do you think of the Ebony rose? Love it? or not?


Deb Jasinski

Stunning arranangement. Coupling the black with the purple is wonderful – a great way to brighten up such a dark flower and really show it off!


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