Wednesday’s Flowers – Dress Up Time

September 14, 2011

This seems to be a very hard time of the year for me, I’m still not ready to let go of summer.  Maybe it was do to the move and going to rainy Germany but I feel like I have missed out on all that summer has to offer.  Unfortunately, I’m too late.  It is fall here, the leaves are turning, the gardens are starting to go to sleep and it is cold.

I also find that the flower pickings in the local grocery stores are very slim right now and or lacking interest, which is sad after a bountiful summer.  I’m so not ready to settle for blah.

So, while shopping for flowers today I was very saddened by the offerings and grab for a pot of my least favourite flowers ever.  We all have one and I’m sorry if you love them but I just cannot stand Gerbera daisies.  I actually picked up the pot, a bright red one and started to do my food shopping.  But, then I spied something that made me put down the Gerbera and head to the cash registers with a smile.  I found a 4.5″ potted Ming Aralia, Polyscias fruticosa, for only $4.49!

This was just what I needed, a cool houseplant to dress up and add to the decor in our new house.  No, I have not gotten around to decorating much of the house yet, but the nesting desire is starting to kick in and this little gem of a plant has helped!  So has the onset of fall.

The Ming Aralia before it is dressed up.

Dressing up house plants is very easy to do, you just need some interesting bits and bobs and some creativity.  Here is what I used to dress up the Ming Aralia:

  • Potted Ming Aralia 4.5″ pot
  • Pretty container, same size as pot or slightly larger
  • Dried Cane sticks
  • Dried Minolta pod
  • Dried sponge mushroom
  • Everlasting Leucadendron spray
  • Moss balls
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Floral bunch cutters

Be very gentle when you transplant the plant into the new container, if your container is larger then the plant’s current pot you will need to use potting soil to fill in around the roots.

All the bits and bobs get gently inserted into the plant’s soil.

When you are finished arranging the bits and bobs, top it off with moss and you are all done.

So, may I suggest you go and find a nice little house plant of your own, buy a new one or use one you already have and dress it up!!  For the bits and bobs, search outdoors for pieces of bark, pinecones, dried flowers or head to a local craft store.  If you look there are lots of possibilities out there to play dress up with!

Now I just have to find a nice, sunny place for the dressed up Ming Aralia in the house but I need to do some organizing and unpacking first!  So, photos will follow at the later date, stay tuned!