Colour Theory – Purple Flower Class

September 19, 2011

Yesterday, Sunday, September 18, 2011, was the Living Fresh Flower School’s first flower class, Colour Theory – Purple and it was a total success!  There was a bit of purple colour theory, lots of purple flowers, lush greenery, cupcakes and purple buttons!  Yupp, buttons, the class was held in Waterloo’s Button Factory so we had to incorporate buttons into the class.

The five students in the class totally rocked the purple theme, each creating fabulous individually unique arrangements.  It was so exciting to watch them unleash their creativity with the flowers while having fun!

Before class at the Button Factory, ready to teach.
All the flowers for the Colour Theory - Purple Flower Class.
After some colour theory, the students made button accents.
Deb gave a fabulous floral demonstration for the students.
The flower and foliage list.
The students creating their floral masterpieces.
A little snack we provided for each student.
The students and their amazing works of floral art!

Thank you to the students who joined us for our first class.  We are so proud of each one of them, they all excelled at the purple design and we truly enjoyed sharing our love of flower with them!

The next flower class is Marie Antoinette on Sunday, October 16th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm at the Button Factory.

“Please join us at this 18th century period class to bring out your inner “Dauphine”.  We will not be fashioning floral arrangements around the sky-high hair pieces adorned by Marie Antoinette.  Nor will we be using a guillotine to cut our botanicals.  Seductive posies to reflect the queen’s promiscuity are not the look we are going for either…pretty and poised, feminine and fair, lacey and lavish, delicate and diverse, aromatic and alive – now that’s more like it!”

To register for all upcoming classes please go to our website.

More photos of the Colour Theory – Purple flower class are available on the Living Fresh Flower School Facebook page.