BlogPodium: BLOGS + MEDIA recap

January 30, 2012

On Friday, January 27, 2012 the first ever BlogPodium conference in Toronto at the IDS12 show and Living Fresh had the pleasure of attending!

BlogPodium was created by bloggers Lindsay from Little House Blog and Jen from Rambling Renovators for bloggers. The purpose of BlogPodium is to bring conversation, collaboration and connection among lifestyle and design bloggers, the media and the design community. The focus of this first conference was blog and the media and we were lucky to have a fabulous panel of media mavens to give us their take on blogging and the relationships that can evolve between bloggers, television, print, and online media.

L to R: Lindsay, Leigh-Ann, Jennifer, Kimberley, Kate & Margot

The fabulous panel of speakers for the event:

Shauna Levy of IDS12 - Event Sponsor

The Media Mavens

A little summary of the great conversation and advice shared at BlogPodium:

  • Be personal; show your own work to stand out from the rest.
  • Show your love, your passion and your personality.
  • Blogging has created a circle of communication between media and readers; it has lead to a dilution of experts. Be part of that circle.
  • Have fun, don’t be too earnest.
  • Edit your blog, it is key.
  • When blogging other peoples work always give credit, credit photographers, designer, stylists etc.
  • Print media is looking for a story.
  • If pitching to magazines, understand the look and feel of the magazine. Don’t pitch something outside of their aesthetics.

Pretty flower arrangements by We Create Hoopla

Most bloggers tweet so there was a great conversation going on on Twitter under the hashtag #BlogPodium. Here are a few informative tweets from the event:

Tweet by @hwatterworth:
@KatMooreMedia wants to see personality, passions and photos of the bloggers behind the blog to consider for promo. #blogpodium

Tweet by @MyDailyRndmness:
“Is blogging everyday important? “Consistency. Blog 3-4 times per week. Do an editorial calendar for the year” @ramblingreno #BlogPodium

Tweet by @lisa_canning:
“I want to learn something from you, rather than just hear ‘it’s super cute'” @kimberleyseldon#BlogPodium” Sage advice.”

Tweet by @GlamaMama:
“Take time to properly credit the photos you post on your blog…do the research as per @margotaustin at #BlogPodium

Tweet by @littlehouseblog:
“Editing is the key to success #BlogPodium quote by@kimberleyseldon

Check out the amazing swag each blogger in attendance went home with thanks to the amazing sponsors of BlogPodium:

And we cannot forget the other fabulous businesses that supported the event:

Thank you to all the great people and businesses who made this event possible, there is nothing better than a great bunch of bloggers getting together to celebrate their craft! We was a treat to be part of the first ever BlogPodium!

For more images of the event, check out the Flickr photostream for BlogPodium.

The next BlogPodium conference is planned for May! See you there!

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Jen @ RamblingRenovators

What a great recap! I like how you captured the tweets too. I didn’t have a chance to see those during the event. And thanks for giving a shoutout to our sponsors – they did an awesome job of supporting us. See you in May!


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