Blog It Forward – What Inspires Me?

March 1, 2010

First, I have to send a huge thanks with lots of hugs out to Victoria from sfgirlbybay for putting together this amazing blog mashup, she worked her butt off to pull 300 bloggers together to share their inspirations.  If you missed stopping by little lovely on Friday please do so for her post on inspiration.  Following me tomorrow is lorigami, be sure to stop by there and say hi!

What inspires me??  Good question, as my inspiration seems to be endless, which made answering this question a bit of a challenge.  After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to create an inspiration board, to narrow things down.  After hours of going though magazines and paint colours, I discovered I had only scratched the surface of what aesthetically inspires me, but it did bring out the importance of colour.  I believe that without colour I would be very unbalanced, colour opens the door to so many possibilities for me and is a major inspiration for me.  My life revolves around colour; my job as a decorator depends on it, I prefer to take pictures in colour, bright, sunny days are my favourite and I dream in colour.

Inspiration Board

Besides colour I also find inspiration in textiles and fabrics, patterns and furniture; especially chairs!  Which is why I became an Interior Decorator.

Here are a few other things I find inspiration in:




The Light

Polaroids and Photography

The  Beach

The Ocean

I hope you enjoyed my inspirations.  What inspires you?