Add a Little Spring

February 4, 2010

I have a little idea, something good for me and something that will hopefully inspire you. It has to do with flowers, of course. It is easy to forget how much flowers can affect our mood and the spaces we live in, flowers are normal thought of as treats or gifts for special occasions. But having flowers in your home or work space regularly is good for you, it is hard to be angry when looking at some beautiful blooms. See look for yourself!

Beautiful Blue

So here is my little idea. I need flowers in my life. I love them, so why not have them around on a regular basis? Most would say because they cost a lot, but do they really? Well yes, if you are going to the florist to get a mixed bouquet or some roses but for everyday I think you can manage for under $10 per week (not including the local sales taxes).

So here is my challenge to myself, spend under $10 per week to bring fresh or potted flowers into our home. Arrange them in a beautiful way using the collection of vases, pots and other items I already have at home and then enjoy. Oh and share them with you as well.

So this week I started off with a 6″ pot of hyacinths. I love this time of the year, you can pick up forced bulbs at most grocery stores and bring a little bit of spring into you home. This pot caught my attention because the bulbs were still tight and it only cost $3.99!!! Sweet deal and I love hyacinths. Once they are finished blooming I will store the bulbs and then plant them in my garden in the fall. Remember to allow the foliage to die back before you remove it from the bulb, the foliage restores the energy to the bulb so it can bloom again next year. If you just cut it off the bulb will not be able to bloom again.

Once I got the pot of hyacinths home, gave them a few days to start opening and then removed them from their grocery store pot, transferred them into an old clay pot I have had for years and topped the pot off with a collection of rocks I have from travels. I added a few broken bleached stems into the pot to help hold the heavy blooms upright and add interest. Then we enjoyed them with our Sunday brunch.

I tell you the omelets tasted better with the flowers on the table, well not really, but they did cheer up the table on a drab winter day.

I’m so glad I picked hyacinths this week, the weather has been cold and snowy and these little guys are cheering me up every time I walk into the kitchen. Oh, and the smell is so sweet, it is filling the whole house and just blowing my mind.

Now that this project is off to a start, I’m really looking forward to spending some time shopping for next week’s flowers.