a moment to savour – wearable flower art photo shoot

March 14, 2014

As each week draws to a close its good for the soul to recapture some of the wonderful moments that lead you to the week’s end.  It is essential not to take the little things for granted, but rather celebrate their awesomeness through a weekly ritual of reflection.  Welcome to “A Moment to Savour”.  This was our favourite moment of the week:

Wearable floral art is sexy and sophisticated.  Showcasing a flower with the human body as the vessel is a pure form of art.  This week, we orchestrated a photo shoot of crowns, garlands and jewelry fashioned from botanical ingredients. We pushed ourselves to work within the realm of unconventional.   Our stunning model displayed our peculiar wares with style and grace. Please enjoy a sneak peak of these behind the scenes photos from this week’s shoot – and be sure to out check our blog in the coming weeks for a complete unveiling.

photo shoot pic smaller 

blog pic kass 2



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