a moment to savour – Dorchester wedding photo shoot

June 13, 2014

As each week draws to a close it’s good for the soul to recapture some of the wonderful moments that lead you to the week’s end. It is essential not to take the little things for granted – celebrate their awesomeness through a weekly ritual of reflection. Welcome to “A Moment to Savour”.

Despite the renovations on our studio, and multiple weddings, we managed to squeeze  a wonderful photo shoot into the mix this week.  A beautiful wedding setting was staged in Dorchester, Ontario, by photographer Whitney Heard.  We outfitted the shoot with all the florals.  Because of the grand scale of many of the floral pieces, we did much of the designing on site.  It was a perfect day:  the sun was shining, the grass was lush and dewy, and the Thames river was rushing.   We arrived with rubber boots, sunscreen and bug spray.- everything went off without a hitch!


horse 1 horse2 canoe 2


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