a moment to savour – David Austin Handbook of Roses 2014

March 7, 2014

As each week draws to a close its good for the soul to recapture some of the wonderful moments that lead you to the week’s end.  It is essential not to take the little things for granted – celebrate their awesomeness through a weekly ritual of reflection.  Welcome to “A Moment to Savour”.  This was our favourite moment of the week:


Look what came in the mail this week! The David Austin Handbook of Roses 2014.  As members of their mailing list, we check the mailbox with great anticipation throughout late winter – hoping for the safe arrival of this catalog.  This mouth-watering booklet is 115 pages of old English garden rose bushes.

If you aren’t familiar with whom David Austin is and why his roses are so special, then let us give you a crash course. David Austin roses are the most sought after bridal flower as of late.  Mr. Austin began his career as a rose breeder in the late 1960’s in England.  His roses were fashioned around the character and fragrance of old garden roses.  There currently exists over 900 varieties of David Austin roses, many of which have received awards from around the world.  This year there have been five new David Austin roses added to the collection including “Royal Jubilee”, a bright pink variety named in celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

david austin catalogue 2

We savoured the catalog page by page.  We drooled.  We dog-eared.  We flip back and forth.  We tried to pick favourites.  And then we put it in a drawer because it became too distracting!

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