52 objects – number two

January 10, 2012

I love collections and I love to see them displayed in the collector’s home. I am a collector of various things and this week I’m sharing my favourite collection with you for this week’s 52 objects project. If you know me well and have been following this blog for a while I’m sure this collection will not come as surprise to you; it sure did not surprise me.

Milk Glass Collection

My milk glass collection is my most cherished collection of objects and I proudly display it in our home. Although it is a collection of several objects I am grouping it all together and calling it object number two due to its personal value to me as a whole.

I have sent hours searching for some of these pieces in various vintage and thrift shops as well as at flea markets; it is something that I love to do. A few of the pieces were given to my by a dear friend who is also a milk glass collector. And my Mom, who has been collecting milk glass for years, has passed a few pieces on to me.

The collection is displayed on a bookcase in our very tiny dining room. I add to this collection regularly and I hope to fill the entire bookcase with the collection.

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So near and dear to my heart. I must take you to my most recent thriftshop find soon….milk glass for a quarter!!!


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