52 objects – number twenty

May 18, 2012

Vintage Teak Gentleman’s Chest

I love Scandinavian modern design; I’m a fan of all things teak and anything designed by Hans Wagner. I just wish I could afford the price tag that goes along with the original pieces that I love so much!   So when I find a good deal on teak or Scandinavian inspired I get very excited!

During my time working as an interior decorator for Schreiter’s Furniture in downtown Kitchener this Canadian made vintage teak chest found its way into the store and then into our home. It was originally purchased to house all my yarn and weaving supplies. When we moved its function had to change and now it resides in our bedroom to house our clothing.



I have fond memories of a wall unit my parents had. Teak similar to this shade, very late 60s look & feel. I gave it away in the 90s, when the look seems so desperately tired (and I was young). One of my larger regrets 🙁


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