52 objects – number twenty three

June 14, 2012

Occupied Japan Ceramic Elephant Vase

I love elephants; my Mother is the reason behind this love. She has always given me things in the form of elephants; from stuffed animals to jewellery pendants to art work. I was a bit of a Tom Boy as a kid and not very graceful on my feet and from a very young age she started calling me “her little elephant”, in a very endearing way!

She popped in for a short visit on Sunday and gave me this lovely little Occupied Japan hand-painted ceramic elephant vase! I love it! So I put it in our guest room with flowers in it for return here tomorrow!

My Mom is great at finding vintage pieces on her weekly market trips! I will have to share with you the amazing pieces of milk glass she found for me as well! Thanks Mom! xo.

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