52 objects – number twenty four

June 21, 2012

Original Art Trio by Sa Boothroyd

I love bright and colourful art, I gravitate to towards it, it always pulls me in and that is what we usually purchase. I also like to buy original pieces of art whenever we can afford to.

These three pieces of art, Attractive, affordable high density housing #2, #3, #4, by Sa Boothroyd were given to my spouse a few years ago for Christmas from myself and my parents. Sa Boothroyd is a favourite artist of mine fromBritish Columbia, check out her art it is amazing!!

The trio hangs in our dining room above our small wooden table, giving the room a bright pop of colour that always make me smile!

I will be back later today with some exciting news and one more 52 objects post as I’m a week behind!

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