52 objects – number twenty eight

July 24, 2012

Vintage Wooden Wardrobe 

This vintage wooden wardrobe belongs to my spouse; it is another one of the treasures he brought with him fromGermany. It is getting old and starting to show some wear and tear but I love it for its functionality and its raw natural patina. The hairline cracks that are appearing don’t bother me; I welcome them, as I find they add to the character of this great vintage piece.

Despite my love for this piece it is a pain in the butt to move, and we have moved it enough to know that pain well. It was in our office in our first apartment, in our bedroom in our old house and today it sits in our library. The pain in the butt part of moving it does not come from its size and weight as it does come apart. Taking it apart is easy but putting it back together is a major pain. Every piece must be in the right position in order for the piece to fit together properly. Plus remember it is getting old so it is very fragile when moving it and assembling it.

With that being said, this piece is moving again. We have decided it will be making itself a new home in the Living Fresh Studio. I really need storage space and I really do not want to buy something from Ikea. So this piece made the most sense to put it on the to go to the studio list. I will be sad to see it leave out home but happy it will still be with us.

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