52 objects – number thirty six

October 15, 2012

Antique Cast Iron Outdoor Urn

I own two of these urns; they are very old and very heavy. These are the real thing when it comes to cast iron outdoor plants, they will stand the test of time and it takes two people to move them. Yes, they are rusted and looking very aged, but I like them that way. I so adore their scalloped rim, which you can see poking though the fall mum on the left and they simple design.

These were a lucky find and totally by chance. A few years ago, I was driving home for lunch and there they were sitting in someone’s driveway with a for sale sign attached. I’m sure I let out a squeal and braked hard but I did not have time to stop due too a very short lunch hour. I did however go back after work and they were gone. Instead of giving up I decided to try my luck and knock on the owner’s door to inquiry about their availability. Much have been my lucky day as they were still there, so I bought them right there on the spot.

I actually purchased three urns that day, this one and its matching pair as well as a taller pedestal urn made out of white iron. I scored all three for a whopping $150 and I still have them all today. I’m sure it will take an army for me to part with them.

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