52 objects – number ten

March 8, 2012

Ceramic Blue Tabby Cat

Today’s object for week 10 is newly acquired but an object filled with memories from my childhood. This ceramic blue tabby cat used to belong to my Nana, it sat  in her living room and I’m sure it was carried around several times by myself, my sisters and a few of my many cousins. I remember loving this cat, perhaps it was due to the fact that the real cat, TJ, who lived in the house back then hated kids even though we loved him. So I developed a fondness to this silly and mysterious looking blue cat.

After my Nana passed away my Dad boxed up some of her treasures for my sisters and me and stored them away. This past Christmas as I opened a gift box from my Dad I was delighted to find the old blue cat inside!

Blue Cat has been hanging out on the turquoise blue fireplace mantel since we brought her home. I like her there. I think we need to name her.

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