52 objects – number eleven

March 15, 2012

Vintage Bennington Pottery Set

Way back in March 2010, I was pursing my favourite Etsy.com shop, ethanollie, when I came across this Bennington Potters Trigger pottery set of four mugs and a pitcher, and was a love at first sight. I do not think I even hesitated, and I usually hesitate and leave things in my shopping cart for days, I just click add to cart and purchased the set right away! I adore it for the extra large size of the mugs and the trigger handle.

I purchased the set for decorative purposes, although I do occasionally use a piece to arrange flowers in. I love the look of garden flowers in the large pitcher. The set is on display in our dining room on the sideboard.

Do you display dishware in your home, other than in the kitchen?


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