52 objects – number eight

February 22, 2012

French Wall Clock

My Father-in-Law collects clocks, it is wonderful to hear them all chime at the same time on the hour in their home. This French wall clock was a gift to my spouse from his father and it arrived in Canada via Germany back in 2002.

This clock has been a permanent fixture in our home, every time we move the big discussion of where to hang it begins as it is always the first object hung on our new walls. After our move back in July it sat in a closet for months. Our house is small and there is very little wall space, so we waited to hang it, it’s new home had to be perfect.

Once we finally got around to hanging it in our library back in December, it finally chimed for the first time in our new home and I remember shouting out to my spouse “Now it feels like home”.

It is funny how the objects we bring into our lives change it.

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